Layer Five Integrated Limited provide machinery health monitoring services to a wide range of sites within and outside the region. Our services are provided across all sectors of the production and manufacturing industry, such as power generation, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive, paper & pulp, utilities and food and beverage. Our engineers and technicians are capable of delivering multiple condition monitoring technologies and corrective maintenance techniques.


The services available include; condition monitoring program creation & development, infrared thermography, vibration analysis, industrial oil analysis and corrective services such as laser alignment of motors, pumps and pulleys, also in-situ dynamic balancing of fans, turbines and other rotating machinery.


Our services also include a range of higher end consultancy services in specialist areas, such as rotor dynamics and turbine troubleshooting, online predictive monitoring & diagnostics, remote monitoring and diagnostics including setup and execution and machine modelling. Our project management and execution staff can also assist with projects such as installations and upgrades of online monitoring systems

Our Condition Monitoring Systems covers:

  • Vibration Analysis and Balancing Systems
  • Online Flow Measurement
  • Production Monitoring systems
  • Automated Fault Identification
  • Energy management Systems
  • Electrical Asset Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Wellhead SCADA Systems
  • Online Realtime diagnostics
  • Remote Machinery Services
  • Downhole monitoring systems.

In addition to providing turnkey integrated condition monitoring services, we help clients develop integrated condition monitoring plans, provide staff training, relief assistance, data management and auditing. We are also experienced in the design, commissioning and operation of online condition monitoring systems.


As part of our overall reliability engineering service, we provide rotating equipment acceptance testing, on-site commissioning and alignment, field balancing and lubrication services.

Vibration Monitoring

Most components, stationary or rotating, move about a reference point. We measure and analyse vibrations to accurately diagnose machinery and structural conditions. Vibration analysis will diagnose developing or preexisting conditions such as:

  • Machinery unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Looseness
  • Bearing defects
  • Gearing defects
  • Lubrication problems
  • Structural vibration
  • Motor defects
  • Environmental and construction / demolition vibration impact


All objects emit electromagnetic energy. We use thermography to accurately measure the amount of electromagnetic energy. This process identifies thermal variations normally not visible to the naked eye. Heat is indicative of failing components. Applications include:


  • Electrical equipment – poor connections or contacts, overloading, unbalanced loads
  • Boilers / steam systems – refractory / insulation breakdown
  • Process equipment – location of solid, liquid and gas levels in tanks and vessels, scale build-up and blockages in pipelines, defective valves, hot / cold air leaks
  • Mechanical equipment – conveying systems, bearings, and seals, drive belts, drive trains, turbo equipment, coupling problems, open gear integrity, crushers, screens and pumps

Oil & Wear Debris Analysis

Via our global Tribology business, we analyse oil samples using spectrometric analysis with ferrographic and other techniques. When used with other condition monitoring techniques, the results can very accurately determine failure modes.

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