Predictive asset management can maximize and extend asset useful life, maximize production rates and product quality, while improving asset efficiency, uptime and reliability. It can extend and improve the effectiveness of maintenance and operations staff and the efficiency of activity and work scheduling.


“You can minimize downtime, reduce accidents and the resultant employee injuries, Environmental damage can be reduced, which minimizes carbon footprint and emissions. Equipment damage can be avoided, while energy, water, fuel and even inventory costs can be minimized.
Most large process plants have invested millions in their control systems. Yet it is typical that more than 30% of the system is off-line at any given moment. Getting the best performance from the control system requires a structured approach to Instrumentation asset management system.
Assets in the control system:

  • Instrumentation & Valves
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), and other controllers
  • Software, Infrastructure, Networks
  • Control Strategy, Applications, Configuration, and Process Knowledge


Typical Asset Performance
Now  for  some  bad  news:    More  than  30%  of  control  system  assets  are  being  wasted.
These assets are not adding value at all for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The Control Loop is in Manual
  • The Control Valve is Fully Open or Closed.
  • The Instrument/Sensor is Faulty or at Limit


Imagine  making  a  $3  million  investment,  but  only  getting  the  benefits  from  $2  million. You  have  wasted  $1  million.    Most  process  control  systems  are  facing  exactly  this  scenario.


What Asset Management Can Do for You

Asset Management is the practice of getting all your assets to perform at their best, all the time.  In  the  context  of  control  system  asset  management,  the  following  benefits  can  be  accomplished through the use of an asset management program


Layer Five Integrated Limited provides Instrument Asset Management Solutions customized to the needs of our clients. Our solutions can help in significantly reducing operating costs and downtime, thus contributing towards reducing maintenance costs. Layer Five has delivered wide range of  instrumentation projects; these projects have helped us to develop a knowledgebase enabling us to better understand local customer needs. Combined with our expertise in plant management and automation systems

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