Enter your garage in comfort: with the range of gearmotors for overhead or sectional doors, any idea of comfort becomes automatic. Easier done that said! Forget the inconvenience of having to get out of the car, forget dark, underground car parks, the effort of opening heavy gates. Everything becomes more simple, spontaneous and immediate and responds to your command with maximum control and security.


Designed and built to move any type of door, Layer Five in partnership with our OEM manufacturers operates overhead and sectional doors that are perfect for both new builds and existing ones where there are no appropriate configurations. Choosing the solution that best suits your needs in terms of dimensions and functionality, you can automate the gate with no additional costs or complicated structural changes. The result? Making the most of the environment into which the gearmotor is inserted, excellent technical performance of the system ensuring your every move provides maximum wellbeing and ease of use at home.


Garage doors for residential and commercial use are generally divided into two categories: overhead and sectional. The first are composed of a single body: when opened, if they protrude outside of the garage, they are defined as partially retracting.


On the contrary, if they do not protrude, they are known as fully retracting. Sectional doors, on the other hand, consist of hinged horizontal panels that slide on rails: when opening, they move upwards, parallel to the ceiling, without protruding either inside or outside. In this way, they leave the space inside and outside the garage completely free.

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