A production facility has lot of variables hurting it’s process efficiency: alarm floods, nuisance alarms, disparate pieces of equipment, incorrectly set procedures and ad-hoc configured control logic often leading to compromised efficiency leading to reduced profitability and increased operational risk.


Layer Five with its extensive knowledge of oil & gas domain coupled with superior multi-vendor technological expertise & experience offers set of services (consultancy, algorithms, technology) that enhance your operational efficiency. Working together, we get more out of your people, processes, and technology.

Alarms Management Solution: provides an efficient work environment where every abnormal situation MUST be responded.


Control Loop Optimization Solution: analyzes and diagnoses the performance of instrumentation, process-connected controllers, and Multivariable Predictive Controllers, and assist in optimizing their performance.


Process Optimization Solution: A Combination of Process Models and Advanced Process Control based on Multivariable Model Predictive Controllers for Plant Optimization.


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