Pipeline networks are excellent working examples of complex linear security protection challenges. Oil & gas producers and pipeline operating companies appreciate the consequences of attacks on pipeline networks; however not all have managed to teach industry personnel ‘on the ground’ how to identify vulnerable locations and key/critical assets by recognising methods of target assessment and attack from the perspective of the pipeline network adversary.


Layer Five Integrated Limited are Global Pipeline Security Specialists.

We are able to provide your company with highly skilled Pipeline Security Specialist teams to conduct comprehensive security assessments and documentation of new projects and existing pipeline networks using the Network Asset Database (NAD) process.


On call Pipeline Security Specialist teams are available to provide global pipeline security incident response. Response includes incident scene examination, investigation, documentation, analysis and forecasting using Layer Five’s specialized Incident Scene Database (ISD) and Preferencing processes.


Our Pipeline Security Specialist Operations and Response teams are comprised of highly motivated and carefully selected professionals from various countries. They are supported regional PSS team members globally located to minimise initial response time.


All team members are cross trained and completely conversant in all Pipeline Security Specialist Protection processes, positions and roles.


Our Pipeline Security Specialist teams are self-contained and include transportation, communication and emergency medical specialists. All Peace Protection has provided pipeline patrols for our oilfield clients. Responsibilities include monitoring of the pipeline to ensure there is no vandalism to the pipe and also the monitoring of the machines and equipment on the right of way. All Peace Protection provides security guards and marked security vehicles for the patrols.

Other Services Layer Five Security Group provides to the Oil, Gas & Industries:

  • Highly Professional Security Officers
  • A Safety Program that exceeds COR Standards
  • Roaming Pipeline Patrols
  • Access Control
  • Risk Assessment and Security Review
  • Monitoring of Pipeline
  • Monitoring of Machines and Equipment
  • Camp Security
  • Patrol of Right of Way

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