We have a strong international track record in providing impartial, reliable and confidential due diligence services for energy projects, Our Due Diligence Services take into account all of the factors that impact plant production to deliver the net energy estimates needed to make critical investment and financing decisions. plant resource intensity and variability is a key indicator of future success, and understanding how it directly impacts energy generation is the most sensitive variable for predicting a plant’s revenue potential.

When providing due diligence, our engineers perform:

    Equipment inspection
  • Evaluation of design data, history, and system or equipment records
  • (2-D and 3-D) finite element analysis
  • Non-destructive testing and metallurgical evaluation
  • Fitness for service criteria evaluation
  • Compliance checks to relevant standards
  • Comprehensive reports with meaningful technical evaluations
  • Fatigue/ corrosion damage and remaining life evaluations
  • Repairs and refurbishments needed to extend the life of the equipment

Why use technical due diligence for plant/renewable energy projects from Layerfive/OMS?

We can help you:

  • Understand and mitigate a variety of technical, legal and socio-environmental risks before you commit your valuable time and resources to the project
  • Identify technical risks that could compromise your project’s profitability
  • Ensure that the technical feasibility of the project makes for a sound investment
  • Ensure that all factors have been accounted for in the development process

Our consulting activities provide specialized services in technical due diligence for evaluating the safety, reliability, and efficiency of processes and equipment. This includes an assessment of the current condition of components and systems, and their remaining operating life. Using component and plant life extension technologies, corrosion, fatigue, pitting, creep rupture damage evaluations are performed along with other materials issues. We have performed due diligence/ risk assessments for operating plants both nationally and internationally

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