CAP437 7th edition, Appendix C describes the new lighting system which will outline the ‘H’ and landing circle with LED lights. “The new lighting scheme has been clearly demonstrated to provide the visual cues required by the pilot earlier on in the approach , and much more effectively than floodlighting and without the disadvantages associated with floodlights such as glare” (ch 3, para 3.4)


Correct installation becomes crucial since the lights are now integrated into the helideck landing surface. We have developed appropriate installation procedures, in conjunction with the lighting manufacturers, to ensure the structural integrity, durability and water-tightness of our helidecks.


We are your preferred partner for ALL Offshore landing systems (helidecks, helipads etc) electrical installations. Our solutions are designed to meet ICAO standards and our partner equipment’s confirm with CAP 437 requirements.

Some of our Offshore Electrical Safety solutions include:

  • landing

    Area Lighting

  • CAP 437 Aviation Lighting
  • CAP 437 Helideck Lighting
  • Marine Navigation Lanterns
  • Offshore Cameras
  • Foghorns
  • Marine Lanterns
  • Visibility Fog Detectors

Layer Five aviation lighting systems are already installed on ships, flight decks, heliports, airports, offshore platforms and deployed in the form of expeditionary helipads and airfields worldwide.


We offer qualified LED based solutions for safe approach and landing of aircraft in every environmental and operational conditions.

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